Welcome to the LOKFreedom home page! This is the absolute BEST place to play the classic game Legends of Kesmai.

- Increased resistance to fire for a few Annwn mobs.
- Temporarily disabled /pk
- Jumpkick/Polekick stamina usage reverted to 1 stamina per attack until we can do a stamina rework.
- Fixed a bug with item usage restrictions on rings.
- Damage on CG4s adjusted. Will do more damage on the high end and more consistent damage overall.

- Fixed a bug where your HP from the Doctor would reset when finishing UW.
- Fixed a bug with /reply when sending messages from conference to a player in-game.

- Trading will be defaulted to disabled. To enable trading type /trade, then you can trade as much as you want.
- The Chemists in the Llafn lab will be 100% immune to poison.
- Tamed.Sabertooth's will rarely drop gems.
- Reduced the exp of some monsters in Annwn labs.

- Trading is now implemented. You can drag an item from your bag, belt, or hands to another player and if they have their right hand free it will go there. This feature may need tweaking and restrictions such as in-combat restrictions but we'll see.