Hummingbird Sword

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Sword hummer.gif


You are looking at a fine sword made of an otherworldly metal. Looking at the blade makes you dizzy, as if you were looking at the wings of a hummingbird.

 blue glow
 combat adds +6 
 AC +2
 Ties when picked up

How to obtain

The Hummingbird Longsword is usually the last sought weapon because of the difficulty to get one. To get the sword, you must first obtain the amulet. The amulet is dropped by the Troll King in UnderKingdom -300.

After slaying the Troll King go through a secret door in the southeast corner and go north. Step on the black hex to be teleported to a room with an NPC in the middle of a ring of fire. Once you leave the black hex, you will be constantly bombarded by ice storm similar to mama's and it is non stop until you leave the room. In addition to the NPC, there are a couple sets of hard hitting skeletons with high HP called "Remains". Take the amulet to the NPC, place it on the ground, and type "npc, train". He will drop the longsword.