Crystalline Gauntlets

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You are looking at a pair of gauntlets made of flat black steel lamallae with rosy crystalline claws projecting from the knuckles.
Combat adds: +5, AC +4, blue glow.


  • To obtain the Crystalline Gauntlets, visit Konton in the SW corner of Oakvael surface and type "Konton, teach". She will tell you to find her brother, Konran, in Oakvael Troll Town.
  • Konran is slightly north of the stairs to Oakvael UD in troll town. Tell him "Konran, teach" and he will tell you of Drizulu and Glamuzu, the deputy and sheriff of Troll Town.
  • You must get the killing blow on Glamuzu, but anyone can kill Drizulu. Pick up the key that one of them will drop, bring it back to Konran.
  • Drop the key on the ground, type "Konran, teach" and then reply with "konran, yes", now pick up the cloth he gives you.
  • Bring the cloth to Torii who is located next to Puck.
  • Drop cloth for Torii, type "Torii, teach".
  • You must now go to Leng and land the killing blow on Shidosha. Get the buddha that drops and bring it to Puck in Leng.
  • Drop the buddha and type "Puck, teach" and you will get your crystalline gauntlets!

You will receive +6 HP upon completion of this quest.

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