Crystalline Gauntlets 4

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You are looking at a pair of gauntlets made from colorful, exotic reptile scales with glowing yttrilite blades.

Combat adds +10, AC +7, blue glow, silver


  • Talk to Tagget in the SW corner of Oakvael surface. He tells you to find his sister, Teggat.
  • Find his sister in the lair of the Overlord in UnderKingdom. She sends you to find bloodroot. This is a very rare drop and looks like a sprig with yellowish flowers.
  • Find bloodroot in the new Leng area on the way to Ouro and Boros. It drops from any enemy that poisons in that area.
  • Bring bloodroot to Teggat in the lair of the Overlord.
  • Return to Tagget in Oakvael, he will upgrade your CG3s.

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