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  • Weakness: Any
  • Hit Points: Moderate
  • Damage: 20-50
  • Attacks: Claws, tail, Wings
  • Magic Abilities: Fireball
  • Difficulty Rating (1-10): 6



Daisy is one of the most sought out lair creatures, for the fact that she is an integral part of the Knight's Quest and sometimes holds a returning hammer in the back of her lair. Make sure that you have plenty of fire protect before attempting to fight Daisy, as she casts powerful fire spells often through the fight. If you are a Magic User who helps a knight to fight Daisy, bring plenty of balms because Daisy centers her attacks on the Magic Users in the group. A group of 4 who cooperate well should be able to beat Daisy, but be careful because her lair is a no-recall zone. which means, if you are in trouble you have to run all the way out of the lair just to escape. After killing Daisy, be sure to take the corpse to the tanner to get a nice set of dragon scale armor.