Dreadlord Ugrul Armor

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Armor Blackdragon.png

Obtaining the Ugrul Armor

To obtain the Dreadlord Ugrul armor, you must first complete the quest. Please note: You do NOT need to perform the first two steps in order. It is generally easier to just kill Ugrul first since he is in your way.

  • Step 1
    • Go kill Dreadlord Ugrul
    • Obtain the Yttril rock he drops. This is an incredibly rare drop so keep trying.
      • Please note: The rock does tie upon pickup.
  • Step 2
    • Visit Tvastar. He can be located in UnderKingdom. Located in the West room of Ugrul's lair.
    • Ask Tvastar to teach
    • Tvastar, yes
  • Step 4
    • Go down the hole in Swamp Thing's lair and locate Clink/Clank
    • Depending on what type of armor you wish to use, you will go to one of them, drop the rock, tell him to teach and he will drop the Ugrul armor.
      • Clank will drop the light armor
      • Clink will drop the heavy armor