Fire-hardened Gauntlets

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Gauntlets leather.png

You are looking at a pair of thin gauntlets made from a strange, fire-hardened leather, suffused with a blue glow.

The gauntlets are lawful. Martial Artist class only

Adds +2, AC 2, Blue Glow


This quest is started in Kesmai, you must meet the Martial artist Barral. You can find her near The Librarian's lair.

  1. Head down to -4 Kesmai. Kill Daisy and pick up the Agate gem that she drops.
  2. Head to -1 Kesmai, in the north western most portion of the dungeon you will find Barral. place the gem on the ground and tell her you've returned her shuriken (B, teach)

Barral will reward you with your own pair of Fire-hardened Gauntlets.