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Who is HP Doctor

Your one stop shop for all things Hitpoints!

Introduced in v1.5, the HP Doctor, located in Leng graveyard south of town (also found in Annwn in the building East of the balm seller), will gladly trade you a single HP for One Million Gold Pieces!

But, be careful, if you die, you will lose that HP and never get it back until you buy another.

Maximum HP

It is very important to note there is a maximum / limit to how many HP one can buy.

Critical Note: the amounts below indicate the TOTAL amount of additional HP each class can use, factoring in the +30 hp from quests. For example, a wizard who has +30 from the HP quest, would only be able to buy an additional 60 HP to max out.

  • Those limits are:
    • 200 for MAs
    • 187* for Knights
    • 125 for Fighters
    • 100 for Thaums and Thieves
    • 90 for Wizzies.

*Originally listed as 150 but it appears the formula for added HP calculates as the base being from the 1st Knights HP quest (Killing Daisy). This may/may not be fixed in the future.