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  • Weakness: ???
  • Hit Points: Moderate
  • Damage: 40-80, sometimes 100
  • Attacks: ???
  • Magic Abilities: Hide
  • Difficulty Rating (1-10): ???



Nightwing is located north of Kosh. Head slightly west of his rope, head north into the caves and then head east. You'll see a rat which will know you are close. Nightwing can drop the returning spear with nearly a 1/30 drop chance. Also drops the returning football for training shuriken skill. Can only be seen when on same hex due to a permanent hide spell that does not dispell when hit. Said to hit upwards of 100 damage. Tanning Nightwing results in a vest that does not hinder and grants blind resistance. Drops regular FF boots and also occasionally Griffin FF boots which do not hinder MAs.