Ouro and Boros

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  • Weakness: Everything
  • Hit Points: Massive.
  • Damage: 100-200 damage per swing
  • Attacks: Bite
  • Magic Abilities: Poison
  • Difficulty Rating (1-10): 11. Hardest lair crit in game currently.



Considered the most difficult lair boss(es) in the game.

These giant snakes are located at the far east of the Leng new content where The Quacksmith is found.

However, unlike the duck, you must drop into the lair of these snakes which is roughly only 9 hexes with a Leng portal in the middle. There is no way out unless you portal.

What makes Ouro and Boros so difficult is that both of them will cast Lightning. There are also several other powerful, lesser snakes within their lair capable of extreme damage and poison as well.

The HP for each snake is equivalent to that of The Quacksmith and similar bosses.

The only real strategy that can really be used is try and use range and spread out across the room. Take down the adds first, perhaps keep dark up although likely useless.

Death recovery is virtually impossible if a party wipes out on these guys unless done by a GM.