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  • Weakness: Icespear, Death, and CG3
  • Hit Points: High
  • Damage: 100-200 damage
  • Attacks: Blunt
  • Magic Abilities: Curse
  • Difficulty Rating (1-10): 8


Bowl of peanut butter and bananas, Overlord Staff, S/D Bracer, Overlord Robe, Glower Ring, Poison Protection Amulet


Overlord is really only good for two things nowadays. His staff which can be upgraded via the Thaum/Wiz HP quests for the Stormhalter, and he rarely drops a bowl which can be turned in for an Immortal Shielder ring.

Overlord strategy hasn't changed since the original. Easier to fight him off portal hex if you can, in case you need to run out, but you can always command line it (e.g. e w) if you are on the portal and need to make a quick getaway.

He will curse randomly and will also hit you with physical attacks. He's not tough if you have a lot of HP such as an MA or you bring efreets or tank with you.