Returning Axe

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Mace raxe.png You are looking at a heavy battle axe with gleaming steel blades that glow faintly blue. It cleaves through armor like a broadsword.


 Blue Glowing
 Slashing Damage
 +7 Combat Adds
 +3 AC

How to Obtain:

 The Returning Axe is sought after you obtain the Returning Hammer. Even though the stats are the same, it can penetrate armor more often. To get the Returning Axe, you must first obtain the obsidian egg. The egg is only dropped by the Kwolf in Axe Glacier. The Kwolf is usually found wandering alone and can only be hurt by silver weapons. Silver Dagger, Returning Dagger, Silver Greataxe, etc. The Kwolf roams alone (not in a pack of wolves), but there are Pwolves (Prince wolves) as well. You'll know you've found the Kwolf by how hard it hits.
 Once you obtain the Obsidian Egg, take it to Vulcan. Vulcan is located through a portal in Axe Glacier southeast of the eastern Drake rope. In that area, it is the farthest south hex surrounded by 3 stone walls. This is the portal. You will need to hold a moonstine ring in your right hand and it must be "night time" to enter the portal. Vulcan's daughter will try to steal the egg, so drop some coins on the floor to keep her busy. Do NOT hit Vulcan's daughter or he will not make the raxe for you. Put the egg at his feet and say "Vulcan, sell axe" and he will give you the returning axe.