Returning Hammer

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Mace throwing.png You are looking at a large steel throwing hammer emitting a soft blue glow.


 Blunt Damage
 Blue glow
 +5 Combat adds
 +6 AC

How to Obtain:

 The Returning Hammer is usually sought by classes that need their first ranged attack.  Not really a quested weapon since it appears in a few locations.  Just have to be lucky for it to be there when you are looking for it!  To get one, you have three choices:

In Kesmai:

 # Behind Daisy's Lair. After slaying her, go southwest through the green water. There will be 12+ baby dragons and pirahnas to kill. Go through the door to the north, it will be on the eastern most hex. It is not always there.
 # Found on the table in Ydnac's lair. Not always there. Bring death protection for Ydnac, and watch out for his pet tiger.

In Axe Glacier:

 # Slay the Giant in Axe Glacier, he can drop the Returning Hammer. Most difficult method of the three.