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  • Weakness: Blue glow, immune to death/stun(?)
  • Hit Points: Low to moderate
  • Damage: 25-40
  • Attacks: Occasional knockback
  • Magic Abilities: None
  • Difficulty Rating (1-10): 4


The loot includes troll hide armor (+1 plate), some +1 shielders, a glower ring, some gems and gold. Sometimes drops the red ball which casts fireball upon throwing it.


Portal into Leng and head northwest down the stairs through undead hallway. Beware of wraiths and spectres as they blind and death. Head all the way east until you can't anymore, then head north to the top wall and inspect the wall to your right. Sandy hits for an average of 25-40 and can knockback. Make sure to bring blue glowing weapons. Might be immune to death and stun spells. x