Silver Greataxe

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You are looking at a huge battle axe with shining silver blades. The axe is emitting a faint blue glow. The weapon is lawful.

 Blue Glow
 Heavy Silver
 Combat Adds +5
 AC +1
 Ties when picked up.

How to obtain

The Silver Greataxe is usually sought out because certain monsters/lair monsters can only be hurt with silver weapons. With stats of +5 AC+1 makes it a hard hitter, but doesn't block that well. To get a Silver Greataxe, you must first obtain the rocks to make it. You'll need 1 iron ore rock and 1 ytrill rock to make 1 axe. These rocks are usually found scattered throughout Kesmai -4 and more commonly found in Axe Glacier.

Once you obtain both of these rocks, take them to Silvermoon. Silvermoon is located through a portal in Axe Glacier town. From the portal landing area go south and there will be a single hex on the west wall. This is the portal, you will need to hold a Moonstone ring in your right hand and it has to be "Night Time" to enter the portal. Put the 2 rocks at his feet and say "Silvermoon, sell greataxe". He will then drop a Silver Greataxe for you to take.