Swamp Thing

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Swamp Thing



  • Hitpoint: Massive
  • Melee attacks: ~100dmg + prone. High hit: will hit tanks often, caster most rounds.
  • Magic: Fire
  • Weaknesses: Physical hits with blue glow and single target spells.
  • Homing: Swamp Thing will jump around
  • Difficulty rating: 10+ as a group. Recommended 4+ well leveled people.




Swamp Thing is located in the UnderKingdom bog.
Swamp Thing is part of Ugrul's armor quest. You will need a Yttril rock from Ugrul and killing blow on Swamp Thing. Then you will turn the rock in to Clink whom is underneath Swamp Thing.
Drag Swamp Thing over to hole and fight him there. He will hit with an incredibly powerful fireball and if you need to, you can just drop down the hole to recover.
Bring a LOT of balms with you. It is a good idea to always balm when your health gets around 150. You do not want to take the risk of hitting you and fireballing back to back.