Sword Master

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  • Hitpoint: Moderate
  • Melee attacks: 80-180hp. (His damage appears to change with Black Rapier damage changes.)
  • Weak to Ice Spear, Magic Missile.
  • Needs blue glow weapons.
  • Difficulty rating: 8

Black Rapier Blue Glow. Combat adds +6, AC +10.
Drake Scales +10 Fire/Ice Prot, AC +4, Arrow Deflect +4

The Sword Master roams around the central blood pool of UnderKingdom's undead level. He is assisted by packs of banshees, skeletons and solo death casting spectres and melee ghouls. The banshee packs can be especially deadly dealing ~90-120 curse damage per casting round (~30-40 each).

Definitely clear nearby adds by pulling into side rooms prior to pulling Sword Master via the same.

He now hits extremely hard when he lands attacks.