Thaumaturge Summoning

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Through the Summon Phantasm spell, thaumaturges can summon an array of minions.

Your character has the ability to summon up to three minions concurrently.

You may control your summons by issuing them commands.

<name> can be either all, 1, 2, or 3. The number to the right of your minion's name will indicate which number would address it, while all will address all of them.

<name>, follow [target] Causes the minion to follow the target. Target can be 'me'
<name>, attack [target] Will allow your minion to melee and cast spells at the target.
<name>, melee [target] Will allow your minion to melee (only) the target.
<name>, begone Causes the minion to disappear.
<name>, stop Causes your minion to stop following.
<name>, up Causes your minion to climb up.
<name>, down Causes your minion to climb down.