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  • Weakness: Silver
  • Hit Points: Tons
  • Damage: 50-130
  • Attacks: Hand, Sword, Vampire Stuff
  • Magic Abilities: Death, Aging
  • Difficulty Rating (1-10): 10



The Leng Vampire is one of the toughest lair monsters in the game, not only for its power but for where it is located. The Vampire is located in the Leng Tower, which is found on Leng -1. It can be found by opening a secret door in an area with a small rectangular path around a wall, which is the tower. There are 5 floors in the tower, and only the strongest adventurers can go to the top. On the first couple floors there are lichs, and on the third floor very strong NPCs appear as well as lichs. On the 4th level very strong Thaum NPCs and Archer NPCs appear. Once you reach the 5th floor, there are many monsters, including the vampire, who is invisible. There are 2 powerful death-casting liches, and 2 powerful griffins. Since it is invisible, you cannot see where it is until it attacks you. It can death you from far away many times before it moves close enough to attack. It can only be hurt with silver weapons, and can hit hard.