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Female martial artist NPC found in Kesmai -1, in the foyer of Librarian's lair, which is in the northwestern corner of the dungeon.

She offers the Fire-hardened Gauntlets for beginning martial artists in exchange for the agate gem held by Daisy.


Please, go away! I do not have time! My glowing shuriken gem - it was here somewhere! Or ... perhaps I can improvise one. What if I bend this fork? Ouch! Damn those kobolds. Who knows how deep they took it! For all I know, it's in a dragon's hoard by now!

You've found my shuriken. Oh, happy day! The dragon had it after all? Well, thank you for removing the threat to Kesmai, to boot. Here, take my spare gauntlets. Now for some revenge against those damn kobolds.... Buahahahaha!