Giant Sword

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Giant Sword.png

You are looking at an utterly enormous, blunted greatsword of ancient silver and yttrilite, wreathed in crackling blue flame.
The pommel bears an engraving: Kg'grk'mor'gha
The most terrifying weapon you have ever wielded, the greatsword practically leaps from your hand with an urgency to kill.
A sturdy cross guard provides adequate defense.


 Knight Only, 14+ level and ties.
 Uses Two Handed Skill
 Strict Two Handed Weapon
 Only fits on the back belt slot
 Ties when picked up
 Heavy Silver
 Deals Slashing & Blunt Damage
 +8 Combat Adds
 AC Unknown, rumored to be equal to the SGA (+1)

How to Obtain:

 The greatsword of the Giant Chieftain was stolen by one of the Yasnaki and has been corrupted. If you are able to find this extremely rare item on the Yasnaki level it will be Chaotic and emits a red glow but you can quest to purify it. Be warned: this is a knight only quest, and the greatsword ties.
 #1. Take the corrupted greatsword to Pk'brk'ka, the Giant Chieftain's ghost, in the center of the pool in the Giants' room on the Yasnaki level. Pk'brk, teach
 #2. Take the sword back and do as he commands: collect the blood of the Ice Dragon by landing the killing blow on Mama in Axe Glacier.
 #3. Without ending up in UW in between, take the greatsword to the Giant captured by the TrollKing, in TK's prison (not the cellar where Princess is, but the prison - first (northernmost) room west of the hallway in TK's palace, secret door in north wall, take stairs down). Drop the corrupted greatsword at his feet and say Pk', teach
 Congratulations. You now have a whole other quest to complete for the final upgrade :) :)
 Now, move on to the Reforged Giant Sword page for the steps on the final upgrade.