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Item Description Location Found
File:Gauntlets leather.gif Adds +1 Common
File:Gauntlets steel.gif Adds +1, AC 1 Kesmai -3, -4
File:Gauntlets plate.gif AC 3 Axe Glacier, commonly in Giant Fortress
File:Gauntlets steel.gif Blue Glow, Adds +2, AC 1 Kosh, Leng
File:Gauntlets plate.gif Silver, Adds +3, AC 3 Drops rarely from Vlad in Leng
ThiefGauntlets.png Neutral, Blue Glow, Adds +3, AC 3 Thief quest from Brie in UnderKingdom
ThiefGauntlets.png Neutral, Blue Glow, Adds +7, AC 6 Drops from The Historian in the Undead Temple in UnderKingdom
File:Cgs.gif Lawful, Blue Glow, Adds +5, AC 4 Crystalline Gauntlets Quest starts in Oakvael
File:Cgs.gif Blue Glow, Adds +5, AC +5 Crystalline Gauntlets traded for Crystalline Gauntlets 2 in Leng below the Golem
File:Cg3.gif Blue Glow, Adds +7, AC 6 Killing Blow on Wendy and trade Crystalline Gauntlets 2 in to Yuri in Oakvael for Crystalline Gauntlets 3