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Item Description Effects Location Found
Ring recall.png Recall Ring Teleports on removal to location when worn. Resets on land or facet change. Ring sellers or cast by thieves.
Ring identify.png Identify Ring While activated in left hand will show effects of item held in right hand. Commonly found in Kesmai dungeons.
Knight's Ring Knight's Ring Grants Knights spells and Strength +6. Purchased from Hermann or Aniet the Knight Trainers in the far north east of Kesmai's surface.
Water Breathe Ring Water Breathe Ring Water breathing spell. Found on crits in many locations.
Protection from Ice Ring Prot Ice Ring Protection from Ice +20. Found throughout the lands, frequently in TT
Ring gold.png Gold Ring You are looking at a golden band.

No effect. Sells for 1000 gold to vendors

Drops globally.
Ring gold.png Broken Dex Ring You are looking at a small gold band, with runes faintly carved on the surface. Lingering magic suggests that this once bore a strong spell of dexterity +2.
Use to be the plantinum band with runes.
No longer drops.
Ring rosewood Rosewood Ring Blind Resistance Found in Leng
Ring moonstone Moonstone Ring "...milky moonstone."
Portal Ring to access Vulcan's and Silvermoon's forges at night.
Various crits in Axe Glacier. Often on lone wolves.
Ring moonstone Moonstone Ring "...shadowy moonstone."
Night Vision
Drops from the Water Elemental guarding the Undead area of Axe Glacier
Ring death.png Scarab Ring Death Resistance Drops from Ydnac who reside in a cave on the far eastern edge of Kesmai
Lightning Resistance Ring LRes Dragon ring Resistance from Lightning Drops from Sparkles the Leng Drake
Ring fireice.png Fire Ice Ring Protection from Fire and Ice +20. Does not stack with other rings and neck items. Drops from many dragonsquires/hunters/slayers etc globally. Occasional drop from Leng and Oakvael crits.
Ring shield.png Shield ring "...swirls..."
Shield Spell +1
Drops from low level crits globally.
Ring shield.png Shield ring "...swirls wildly..."
Shield Spell +3
Drops from higher level crits globally. Reliable drop from Water Elemental
Ring 1str.png Weak Strength Ring Strength +1 Drops from low level crits globally.
Ring 3str.png Moderate Strength Ring Strength +3 Drops from mid level crits globally.
Ring glower.png Glower Strength +6 Common drop from many mid to high level lairs. Rare drop from Sandy and common from Water Elemental
Ring ds.png Death Stun Ring Protection from Death and Stun Drops from Mama and Fleshripper in Troll Town in Oakvael.
Ring feathers.png Feather Fall Ring "You are looking at a the green down of a griffin nestling, woven into a soft circle the size of a ring."
Drops rarely from Nightwing in Leng.
Cockatrice Feather Ring Cockatrice Feather Ring "You are looking at emerald cockatrice feathers, petrified and molded into the shape of a ring."
Protection from Fear and Blind, HP Regen +4
Drops uncommonly from Thancred in Axe Glacier
DexPlus1Ring.png Fear Resist Ring "a flexible ring of interwoven gold wire, warm to the touch and strangely comforting."
Fear resistance
Rare drop from Lich Twins in Oakvael
Poison Protect Ring Poison Protect Ring "You are looking at a green feathered ring emanating with a soft protective force."
Protection from Poison
Drops commonly from Itsy in UnderKingdom Jungle Temple area.
Immortal Shield Ring Immortal Shielder Shield Spell +9 Drops rarely from Thancred in Axe Glacier. Also obtainable via a quest in UnderKingdom which involves turning in a rare item from the Overlord to Elvis in UK town.
Ring 12str.png Immortal Strength Ring Strength +12 Drops from Ser Lucius in Leng Drake Underground Temple area and Ouro/Boros
Elite Lightning Resistance Ring Elite Lightning Resistance Ring Resistance from Lightning and HP Regen +18 once blessed. Rare drop from Vlad and seasonal server event bosses.
Immortal Knight's Ring Immortal Knight's Ring Grants Knights Spells and maxes Strength. Knight Only. Drops from Mama
Poison Protect Regen Ring Poison Protect Regen Ring Grants Protection from poison and HP Regen +14. Rare drop from Itsy in UnderKingdom Jungle Temple area.
NecroRing-New.png Hammered Brass Ring Protection from Fire and Ice +20, Stun Resist +10, HP Regen +8. Fire & Ice does not stack with other fire/ice spells. Drops from The Necromancer in the Undead Temple in UnderKingdom
Ring gold.png +1 Dex Ring "a small gold band. The surface is scratched."
Increases base dex by 1.
Random drop through various lands
Ring gold.png +2 Dex Ring "a small gold band, with runes faintly carved on the surface."
Increases base dex by 2.
Random drop in Oak, especially Troll Town. Now also drops in new Axe UD area.
Ring gold.png +3 Dex Ring "You are looking at a small gold band with runes carved on the surface."
Increases base dex by 3.
Drops very rarely from Wandering.Soul in Bog Undead Dungeon and also from Chanters in Leng (Cubes area).
HammerRing.png +6 Dex Ring "a wide copper band. It seems to glimmer in an unusual way."
Adds +6 dex. Lvl 19+
Dropped from Ouro/Boros 20% chance per boss.
Ring Dex 9.png +9 Dex Ring "a smooth, shimmering gold ring with a spike. It appears to vibrate."

Adds +9 Dex. Stamina Regen +10, Stun +10. Martial Artist class only Lvl 19+

Dropped by Rippotai. Must be blessed by Crypto and requires CG3 quest to be completed before blessing will work.