Thief Gauntlets

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Thief Gauntlets! +3, 3 AC, blue-glowing, piercing and bashing.

Brie has traveled to the Under Kingdom to seek training with the kobold sensei, but he has done nothing but ignore her. After some sneaking around, Brie concludes that because the sensei's students went rogue (heh), he will not risk training anyone else. She thinks that he may change his mind if someone took out the evil students....

1. Talk to your old friend Brie in the UK thief guild. Tell her yes and she'll mention hunting down his student.

2. Head to the -100 Jungle (middle of the 3 air hexes in plains, or take the stairs down (not the rope, but the stairs) to -50 hob caves, then go downstairs again). The jungle is extremely dangerous, so be careful - stay in darkness. The sensei's first student, Gobli-Ninja, has gone mad with power and is training a portion of the TrollKing's army to seize Kobold Town. He's bashing only, but very scrawny, so kick his butt! Has NV and JKs. You must get the killing blow.

3. Speak with the Kobold Sensei in the secret hut in the far southeast of the surface plains of UK. He is impressed, but tells you that the real problem comes from his second student, who lives "in the deepest jungles".

4. Bring a friend or two and head to the -200 Jungle (Googog's jungle) to take out Gemhoarder! Kill him and take his chaotic shuriken. Bring it to the secret door room in the southeast of the -200 jungle (same level as Gemhoarder) and give it to the sensei, who has gone there to await you.

5. You are also awarded +16 hit points.