Vengeance Bow

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Rashar's ghost haunts the Axe Glacier thieves' guild near Lockpick town, mourning the death of her beloved Avarus, clinging, through sheer force of will, to the living world, though only barely.

She will not leave without revenge. The two accomplished but unlucky thieves were slain by the Yeti, who still has Avarus's misericorde dagger.


  1. Slay the Yeti by your own hand. (Honor the memory of the two and do it alone in a thiefly manner.) Take the misericorde dagger.
  2. Drop the dagger at Rashar's ghost's feet in the Axe thief guild.

Congratulations on the Vengeance Bow, a blue-glowing, high-damage, Thief-only +7/2 crossbow that deals the second most damage per hit (though not per round, as it requires nocking).