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Dragon wendy.png

  • Weakness: Heavy Silver
  • Hit Points: Medium
  • Damage: 40-110 damage per swing
  • Attacks: Blunt, Smash, and Slash
  • Magic Abilities: Whirlwind
  • Difficulty Rating (1-10): 9.


No loot. She is needed for several quests such as BBS upgrade and 2nd Knight quest, and Crystal Gauntlets 3.


Wendy isn't too bad to fight when you've got the right setup. 
Always important to have a knight who can hit her but nowadays MA and Thief can hit her too. 
Best to put up dark in case you need to dark hex out.

Critical Note: She WILL cast whirlwind. Make sure you time your swings with deadly precision and dark hex immediately upon seeing the whirlwind.
And make sure you kill the concussion spectres immediately because if not, you will have a bad day!