New Cloak (The.Wanderer)

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This quest is very easy to solo with a minimum of 12 melee skill. Usual name/teach rules apply here.[edit | edit source]

  1. Wanderer who is located near the Leng bush is your starting point. He sends you to kill Muninn who is on Griff Cliffs.
  2. After killing Muninn, return feather to Wanderer.
  3. Wanderer sends you to Thor. Thor is located at the 2nd Griff Cliff at south end of map.
  4. Thor sends you to kill his brother Vision.of.Loki who drops a feather. Loki can be found in Leng Undead.
  5. Bring feather to Baldur who is in the room with the purple colors at Leng town by recaller. Baldur gives you cloak.

Raven Cloak

Robe lion2.png

+7/7 F/I
+2 HP regen.
+1 Mana regen.
Does not hinder.