Thaum HP and Mana Amulet Quests

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Part 1 for Thaums

  1. Talk to Initiate.Baraldun in Kesmai near priest.
  2. Go kill the Spirit.of.Misfortune, with curse, which roams the temple.
  3. Talk to Initiate.Baraldun again.
    • Head to Axe Glacier
  4. Talk to Seer.Velara near trainer Phredick.
  5. Head to southwest cave right next to Axe town and kill the Lingering.Spirit with Death.
  6. Talk to Seer.Velara again.
    • Reward: you just got +2 HP.

Part 2 for Thaums

  1. A wizard and talented enchanter by the name of Alastyr has escaped from a jail cell in Oakvael. Also wanted by the Yasnaki, he attempts to flee to the adventurers' sanctuary of Kesmai town. Unfortunately, he is caught by the Yasnaki holdout, Ydnac, who keeps him in the back of his lair and attempts to extract information from him, looking for a way to restore the Brotherhood's power in Kesmai.
  2. A trusted member of the Grand Order of Thaumaturges who slays Ydnac (killing blow) and speaks to the confused, battered prisoner Alastyr will be recognized as his savior, when he notices the pin / earring. Anyone else he will be too terrified to speak to. Thankful, he'll tell his hero to meet him in Kesmai temple.
  3. In Kesmai Temple, Alastyr will thank his hero and offer an enticing opportunity. He will help you re-enchant one of the Overlord's communication and mind control amulets to boost your magical power, if you can find one that is deactivated but intact. Unfortunately for you, only Vlad, of the Inner Circle in Leng, at the top of the Dark Tower, has gathered one of these amulets. He is trying to alter them to use on his own followers.
  4. When the adventurer takes the amulet back to Kesmai temple, Alastyr will recoil in horror and urge you to take it away -- the Overlord's hold is still on the amulet. Concocting a scheme, he wraps the amulet in magical scrolls to protect you from its magic, and writes his instructions on the outer layer. To break the Overlord's magic, you must find a spellcaster with terrifying power. Since the OL himself would just use the amulet against you, your only option is Jack and Jill. A killing blow against either one of them will result in a burst of magic that will overload and fully deactivate the amulet. Take friends.
  5. Just outside of JnJ's lair, east of the stairs two hexes, is the portal to the balcony, where a shadowy sending from Alastyr awaits to pick up the fully deactivated amulet. Unfortunately, Alastyr has been tricking you all along, and teleports the amulet away and goes into hiding to use its power for himself, alone.
    • Reward: +5 HP.
  6. The hunt begins. Alastyr can be found hiding at the fountain behind a secret wall in the Leng forest, building his magical power. Using the OL's power through the amulet, he has replicated the OL's transformation into pure magic, though his lesser talents do not allow him to become quite as strong. The adventurer will need friends to defeat him, but must land the killing blow, and then recover the amulet, now suffused with chaos and evil.
  7. Elder.Ydcor in the Kesmai temple, who never much trusted Alastyr to begin with, thanks you for disposing of the evil that Alastyr became, and cleanses Alastyr's evil from it for you, leaving it, finally, pure of both the OL's power and Alastyr's evil. It is now an Amulet for Wiz/Thaum, and grants a considerable mana regen.
    • Reward: +8 HP.
  8. Optional: Now that you are able to use the amulet that is the insignia of the old Yasnaki order, Duelist Acharel, a confused undead member of the Brotherhood of Yasnaki in the darkened portion of Kes -4, will mistake you for a fellow Yasnaki and train you in the use of Stormhalter.
    • Reward: Upgrades your OL staff, allowing it to attack as well as a Minotaur Staff.

Part 3 for Thaums

 This next part is optional but will grant an additional +15 hp 
  1. Rally to the pit in the far northwest on the Oak surface.
  2. There, Hierophant Nightshade and her colleague Elder Graymist will ask you to investigate a demonic scouting party that has set up in the small pit below, guarded by an adorable but feisty guard rat.
    • Start by speaking with Elder.Graymist first.
    • Only proceed down if you have reached skill 14. You will need to be quick with your spells to survive.
    • Two in particular are required - poison cloud and curse.
  3. Kill the demon and Bring back the green bottle you find on the demon leader to Nightshade.
    • Reward: +3/4 silver Thaum-only snake staff that casts neutralize poison, drops from demon leader (double click to cast neutralize, use command to throw as snake).
    • Reward: You just earned +15 hp.