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In this incarnation of the server, ancestoring is unpredictable and may not always work. Bear in mind that your new character may not receive the blessings of your ancestor, especially if you ancestor across classes.


If there is a problem during the process, you must live with the outcome.

Ceremony of Death[edit | edit source]

This rite is performed at the Shrine of Tranquility. The Shrine is located in the very northwest corner of Kesmai's surface. Either go naked or take along some throw-away armor and weapons, a recall ring and some balms (exactly as if you were going to the UW). It can sometimes be dangerous, so get an escort if you need one. Stand in front of the altar and contemplate your death! Be very certain you wish to continue... this Ceremony guarantees you a one-way ticket to the UnderWorld. If you are determined to go through with this, in command mode, type the chant: ashak ashtug nushi ilani . Presto! You have given up your mortal existence forever.... you are now in the UnderWorld, irrevocably and forever. Until your spirit is called forth by your Descendant, that is.

Create Your Descendant[edit | edit source]

Now you must exit to the Conference Room and create your Descendant character. Remember... you MUST use the OVERWRITE function for this part. If you do not use OVERWRITE, my dear, you are sunk. Also remember that if you are ancestoring a magic user, if you wish your magic skill to be transferred, then your Descendant must be of the same class as your Ancestor. And, lastly, remember that your Descendant MUST be of the same alignment as your Ancestor. So... ancestoring a lawful MA to a descendant-thief can't be done since there is no way for a thief to turn lawful... you would have to turn your MA neutral before the Ceremony of Death (and this may involve incurring karma). Once created, you can outfit your Descendant with your Ancestor's lockered possessions.

Ceremony of Ancestors[edit | edit source]

This part of the rite is performed at the Shrine of Bones in the SAME LAND AND FACET where your Ancestor performed the Ceremony of Death. The Shrine of Bones is located on the -2 level of the Kesmai Dungeon, not far from the rope to Trog . Since right now your Descendant is a Level 3 docker-baby, I highly recommend that you GET AN ESCORT for this part of the process! Running around -2 with a docker can be dangerous to your health, so please remember to wear your galoshes or a WB ring and don't forget some fire protection.

Once you arrive at the Shrine of Bones, stand before the altar and summon your Ancestor's spirit with this chant: ina khitim nushi ilani . Your Ancestor will appear in ghost form before you. If for some reason you are interrupted (like you die or get disconnected) at this point, all is not lost. You may summon your Ancestor a second time and proceed with the ceremony. However, after a spirit has been summoned twice from the UnderWorld, its ancestral duties are fulfilled, and it may not be summoned again. If you fail to complete the ceremony after two summonses, your ancestral spirit will be lost to you forever.

After your Ancestor's spirit has appeared, you must meditate ( type meditate on the command line ). If your Ancestor considers your alignment harmonious and finds you worthy, the spirit will immediately convey its experience to you. The knowledge of his/her skills will not be immediate, but will come upon you swiftly thereafter (especially if you visit Praetoseba).

Congratulations and well done! Your new character is pumped and ready to go! You may leave the Shrine of Bones immediately if you wish. Your Ancestor's spirit will remain behind... perhaps contemplating its future seeking the higher planes of existence. At this writing, no Ancestor's spirit has ever made it back from the Higher Plains, so I have no report on what it's like, although it is rumored to contain at least one Drifter.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Same classes are working.
Martial Artist to Wizard & Thaum are working.
Matrial Artist to Fighter is not currently working. If you manage to succeed, please detail how. Not recommended with your best MA.
Thieves dont work with anything else. Its tough being green.