Conference Commands

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/topten <arg>

Return a list of the top ten players, if you specify an argument it will return a single class.

Argument Class Argument Class
m Martial Artist r Thief
f Fighter k Knight
t Thaumaturge w Wizard


Display stats for your current character.


Delays scheduled restart for 10 minutes so you can recover a dpile. This command only functions when a server reset notification appears in game, you will see confirmation when the command works. Abuse will not be tolerated. (Not currently working)

/tell <player> <message>

Sends the message you type to another player.

/reply <message>

Replies to the last person who sent you a tell.

/rename <name>

Renames your character

/password <password>

Updates your LOK password. Maximum 8 characters.

/Heartbeat 11-30

Check the packet speed to your local instance. If it takes too long, you will be kicked to conference. Best to set this around 15-25