Fire and Ice Protection

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This is especially relevant after griff helm nerf. Most geared characters are over the fire/ice cap. The nerf puts people much closer to the cap, and poses a challenge for lowbies and MAs and a reason to strive for bigger bosses to cap. (:

Here's how it works!

-You have protection of f/i that when worn will put the spell icon protection of f/i on your buff bar at the bottom and grant you a base 50% reduction in f/i damage. This can be obtained 4 different ways, wearing the f/i ring, wearing the f/i scarf, wearing the f/i amulet. or by having a thaum or wizard casting the spell on you. This form of protection does NOT STACK, so wearing a f/i scarf and a f/i ring at the same time will still only give you a 50% reduction to f/i damage.

-Then we have all the resistances from our other gear slots like armor, helm, boots, and so on. These resistances WILL STACK with what was listed above. So for example, if you are wearing just a f/i ring and a mama dragon skull, you would get the 50% reduction from the ring, and another 15% reduction from the skull, which would reduce the damage you take from fire and ice by a total of 65%.

The max damage reduction you can obtain for fire is a 95% reduction

The max damage reduction you can obtain for ice is a 90% reduction


1. Mr. Nubblecookies casts the spell protection from fire and ice on himself and otherwise goes naked, because he thinks he's badass. His fireball deals 100 damage against enemies with no fire resist. He accidentally drops it on his toes. His spell protection starts you at 50. His total fire resist is 50%, and he takes 50 damage and must go travel to UW to recover his eyebrows.

2. Gurn wants to know if wearing an ice ring and a scarf together will help him survive at mama. Answer: no. Wear one or the other. Whether you wear one, the other, or both, you still get 50% ice resist. Gurn's all crazy geared, so his ice is capped (90%), and every time Mama sneezes at him, he takes 10% of the ice damage she would normally do.

4. Gibbous casts Dragon Breath: Lightning. Everything dies.