Karma Quests

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With the update to v1.5, Karma has once again been introduced to the game.

Please note: You must clear all karma points before changing alignment!

Karma Point Quest[edit | edit source]

First and foremost, you must clear all karma points.

To clear karma points, you must take a tiger figurine (which can be obtained from Sheba in Axe or Shidosha in Leng) and head to Ydnac's lair in Kesmai. Head over to the ghost in his lair, drop the tiger figurine and say, g,teach. He will take your figurine then tell you, Pray to the ghods, 'ereth nushi xul', and may your soul be cleansed.

Next, simply chant ereth nush xul and you will see a karma point vanish.

Please Note: You can only use 1 tiger figurine per karma point.

Alignment Quest[edit | edit source]

Once you cleared your karma points, you will need to change your alignment back (unless you're a thief).

To change alignment back, take a silver dagger (obtained from -3/-4 kesmai dungeon or Daisy) to the ghost in Kesmai temple (Near Elder, at NE of temple, in fountain). Drop the dagger at the ghosts feet and ask it to teach. He will tell you Pray to the ghods, 'muxa imushi ilani', and may your soul be realigned. Next, you will need to chant what he just said, muxa imushi ilani

If all goes well and you had no karma points before you tried this, you should now see your alignment return to normal.