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Oakvael Map

Lore[edit | edit source]

OAKVAEL - CITY IN THE TREES[edit | edit source]

In ages past, Oakvael was overrun by the foul creations of the Brotherhood of Yasnac. In an effort to protect themselves, the citizens of Oakvael built a great city in the trees of the realm, some of the trees are so great that they can actually support the full weight of the city without bending or breaking. The dwellers of the city devised a way of walking safely among the trees, and after a few accidental drops from the tree city to the surface, they developed magical boots for walking on air. Thus was the beginning of the group commonly referred to as the "Air Walkers Society". continue reading...

Lairs[edit | edit source]

Doom Orc[edit | edit source]

Doom Orc.png

Serpent[edit | edit source]


Lich Twins[edit | edit source]


Wendy[edit | edit source]

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Fleshripper[edit | edit source]