RDagger Upgrade

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Dagger returning poisoned.png

Stats[edit | edit source]

a fine silver throwing dagger with the symbol of the Yasnaki marking the hilt. Has a magical feeling to it.

The combat adds are +7, AC 8. Thief only.

How to obtain[edit | edit source]

Received from Blaise in UK after completing the Rdagger 3 upgrade questline.

  1. Begin quest by heading to Thief guild in UK. Talk to puff, say yes
  2. Go kill Carfel and grab one of his daggers. Person upgrading MUST get the killing blow!
  3. Head to Frost who is located at the top of the stairs to UK Thief Guild.
    1. Drop dagger picked up from Carfel, and ask Frost to teach.
    2. He will then drop another dagger. Pick up the dagger
    3. Cidev Dagger.png This is what the dagger looks like that Frost drops.
  4. Go to Blaise (right next to Frost), drop the dagger that Frost just gave you, and ask to teach.
  5. Congratulations! Blaise will drop the upgraded RDagger (Known as Rdagger3)
Please note: Quest can be repeated by heading back to UK Thief guild and talk to Puff.
Also Note: Once you complete the vdagger upgrade quest line, your flag for having killed Carfel will reset.