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The Item Slots Weapon, Shield, Helm, Neck, Bracer, Robe, Armor, Gaunts, Boots, Ring.

The Stats on Items

In addition to a spell contained in some items, there are the following completely separate raw stats that can be added:

CombatAdds: Increases damage done and the chance of hitting your target using that weapon (or hands if it's on gaunts - not kicks, btw).

Prot from Fire: Reduces fire damage. Separate from spell-based protection (like from the wiz/thaum spell, or from ring or neck item), and stacks with it and with itself. Each point protects you from 1% of fire damage. Protection starts at 50% as soon as you put on any prfire item (goes from 0% to 50% + item's prfire), and is capped at 95%. This means that the cap is +45 protFire.

Prot from Ice: Identical to ProtFire, but ice. Protection starts at 45% and is capped at 90%. Cap is +45 protIce.

Prot from Conc: reduces Concussion damage and stun chance. Does NOT stack: the last item with pr conc you put on determines your pr conc, period. And if you take one prconc item off, you are now at 0 (so if you're wearing another, you have to take it off and put it back on). Only armor and elite/immy helms have this stat currently.

Prot from Stun: Reduces probability of being stunned when hit by a physical attack that can stun. (The raw stat, unlike the spells Stun Resist and Prot S/D, has nothing to do with spell Stun - just physical attacks.)

HP Regen: Regens extra health when you normally regen health (not "in combat": Begins 3 rounds after not swinging, casting, or being hit by physical attacks - spells don't count). Stacks.

SP Regen: Regens extra stam when you normally regen stam (health is full and not "in combat&quotWink. Stacks.

MP Regen: Regens extra mana when you normally regen mana. Stacks.

AC Vs Weapon Types: Increases % of armor blocks vs Bludgeoning, Piercing, and/or Slashing. Also very slightly reduces weapon damage taken.

Arrow Deflection: Increases % of armor blocks vs bows. (not thrown weaps)

AC Bonus: Increases % of blocks (with whatever item it's on if that item can block).

Hindrance: (Bad) Hurts punches, kicks, and hand blocks. Hindrance on boots reduces jumpkick accuracy. Hindrance on robes and armor reduces your punch accuracy, and also the skill-based bonus to hand blocking by 33% (1 hindrance) to almost 100% (3 hindrance).

Contained Spell: All item slots, except weapon and shield, can contain a spell (only one spell). that takes effect when it is worn (s/d, b/f, lrez, str, shield, etc.) This is totally separate from the stats above.

Stats - What Slots Can Give Them

  • REGEN: Helm, Neck, Bracer, Robe, Armor, Gaunts, Boots, Ring

PRCONC Helm, Neck, Bracer, Robe, Armor, Gaunts, Boots ACBONUS: Weapon, Shield, Armor, Gaunts(hand blks only) CombatAdds: Weapon, Gaunts(hand atks only) PRF/I: Helm, Robe, Armor Hindrance: Robe, Boots(jumpkick), Armor PRSTUN: Helm (May require wearing armor.) ACWEAP: Armor ACArrow: Armor

Slots - What Stats They Can Give

Shield: ACBonus Weapon: ACBonus, CombatAdds Ring: Spell, Regen, Shieldspell, Str Bracer: Spell, Regen, PRConc, Shieldspell, Str Neck: Spell, Regen, PRConc Boots: Spell, Regen, PRConc Gaunts: Spell, Regen, PRConc, ACBonus (hand only), CombatAdds(hand only) Robe: Spell, Regen, PRConc, PRFire/Ice Helm: Spell, Regen, PRConc, PRFire/Ice, PRStun Armor: Spell, Regen, PRConc, PRFire/Ice, ACWeap, ACArrow, ACBonus

Strength and Shielding Spells These are contained in items, but, unlike other spells, will only work if placed on BRACELETS or RINGS. If put on any other slot, the strength or shield spell in that slot will appear in the bar of active spells, but it will NOT actually grant any benefit. In particular, this means that the Sheba gear does not actually give strength, and the Carfel scarf does not actually give shielding. (I will give the items something else.)

Strength: +19 cap (generally). Specifics: Max total strength (STR stat + bonus str on rings & bracers) is 36. This means that if you have 17 strength, +19 will put you at max (e.g. 3 glowers and a +1 str ring). Strength adds are totally separate, so ignore those. If you have 18 strength, 3 glowers will max you. You get benefits at 24, 30, and 36 strength - your strength adds are increased by 1 at each point for the purpose of damage... so you can't just sit at 35 strength (+2 add). You need 36 (+3 add) for max damage.

Shielding: To be disclosed in the near future.