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  • Hitpoint: Tons
  • Magical Attacks: Insta casts curse. 80-100hp? (Needs to be verified)
  • Melee attacks: 80-120hp?. (Needs to be verified)
  • No immunities.
  • Needs blue glow weapons.
  • Can see hidden thieves. Extreme hide levels into 30s unknown.
  • Difficulty rating: 10

Elite Blue Robe Elite. +10 Fire/Ice Prot, Mana Regen +2, Light armor AC.
Immortal White Robe Immortal. Will not hinder, Fire/Ice Protection +8, Mana Regen +1, HP Regen +8
Feather Ring Fear & Blind Protection and HP Regen +4
Immortal Shield Ring +9 Immortal Shield spell
Permanent Mana Potion Permanently increase max mana by 6 up to your cap for your level.

The portal to his lair is in the southern area of the undead region of Axe Glacier. It is marked by a persistent bonfire in a marble room. Its a good idea to extinguish this bonfire as its common to beat a hasty retreat from Thancred to balm up before charging back in. Landing on a burning hex with low health could be disastrous.

It's best to fight Thancred off his portal hex as it's difficult terrain and you cannot move off it an back onto it to escape in one round otherwise. Thancred is very similar in how he attacks to the Overlord. He can be hit by melee as well as magic.

Best to bring at least 2 seasoned sturdy people or more lesser experienced as Thancred is an extremely difficult if not impossible solo given his ability to back to back hard hitting curses and melee attacks. A balm is unlikely to sufficient if you are alone. A safe bet is to clear the undead roaming outside beforehand and leave his lair to balm up.