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History[edit | edit source]

The Giants of the UnderKingdom, a great race of which the Axe Giant is only a distant relative, ruled the depths of the UnderKingdom for thousands of years before the Yasnaki arrived. Tricked and overwhelmed, their realm was 
obliterated and almost all of them died with it. During the battles, they crafted magnificent weapons and equipment, that would work only with the blessing of the Giants. When they lost, they hid what they could. Two hundred feet 
below the surface of the Underkingdom, the few remaining Giant craftsmen live on as shadows of themselves, magically protected by the sacrifice of their late Chieftain, hoping only to last long enough to pass on their blessings to 
the enemies of their enemies. The most powerful Yasnaki soldiers guard them there.

Blessing Elites[edit | edit source]

The elite equipment of the Giants has been stolen and can be found only on the most powerful of foes, such as Jack, Jill, and event bosses. When you pick an item up, it will tie to you, and you will be the only one for whom the Giants will bless it. Without blessing, the items are far weaker. Once blessed, anyone can use the items. A blessed item's right-click description ends in "is glowing!".

Although only the Chieftain can speak Common, the rest of the Giants need only be understood well enough to understand which items they crafted and are able to bless. Make note of the last words on the engravings on the items, and the last words that the giants speak when you say, e.g. "Pk'morala, teach".

For example, the engraving on an elite robe reads: "z'xei xdlmr beshume voy varsel cnmrb't 'sde'roy &'". When you speak to Pk'Lrkpha, he will say: "sde'roy? ha'lippa crub'at beshume ie 'sde'roy." He is speaking about the elite robe, and if you place an unblessed elite robe at his feet and speak to him (pk'lrkpha, teach), he will bless the robe for you.

Each giant blessings something unique, here is a basic break down:

The Giants can be found in the Yasnaki level of the Underkingdom surrounding a fountain.  Starting from the topmost Giant (who we will consider 12 o'clock) and going clockwise: Ring, neck, boots on bottom, robe, helm.

      Helm      Necklace