Dreadlord Ugrul

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  • Hitpoint: Massive
  • Melee attacks: ~100dmg + prone. High hit: will hit tanks often, caster most rounds.
  • Magic: Curses for ~100dmg
  • Weaknesses: Physical hits with blue glow and single target spells.
  • Homing: Will stick to the first person he sees. Will only swap targets when he cannot see them.
  • Difficulty rating: 10+ as a group. Recommended 4+ well leveled people.


Enchanted Yttril for Armour Yttril.png
Wurm Scarf Scarf rat.png
Mug XanMug.png


Ugrul is rather an easy fight assuming you have a Thaum with you. If you don't, the strategy is a bit different.
First and foremost, Do Not Jump On The Black Hexes !! Period. You must stick to the light colored hexes. The black ones WILL transport you into one of 3 rooms which are located either NE, S, SE within the lair and are filled with baddies that will immediately start to attack.
Ugrul can and often will prone you (knock you off the hex) which may result in you being knocked into a black hex which will transport to, randomly, one of the three areas in the lair with baddies and you will have to quickly heal up and run out of there back toward Ugrul.
You all will have to deal with getting knocked around and you must prepare yourself in the event you do.
Never let your health remain low during Ugrul fight. If you do get low on hp and you get knocked out, there is a much higher chance you won't survive running back through
the lair back to Ugrul fight.
Ugrul WILL NOT switch targets unless the person he was fighting gets knocked into a black hex.
That's essentially it. He's a pretty tough fight with no Thaum.
Another thing to note is that the use of Dark is not recommended other than initially pulling him with jinn/freets because the dark will make it much harder to know which
hex is a black portal hex and which is safe. Best not to risk it.