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Item Description Effects Location Found
Scarf rat.png Rat scarf Spell of Protection from Cold
Scarf beaver.png Silk Scarf +6 Shielder You are looking at a simple yet fine silk scarf that flaps in the absence of a breeze. This animated scarf has been enchanted to deflect blows! Rare drop in Ravager Temple.
Scarf fox.png Fox scarf "a small, well-made fox fur scarf"
Spell of Protection from Fire and Ice
Drops randomly from many creatures in all lands.
Amulet locate.png Locate Amulet a necklace of twinkling, lustrous black pearls.
Spell: Locate. 4 Charges
Random drop various places
Pendant jade.png Lightning Amulet the largest emerald you've ever seen, hanging from an electrum chain that tingles in your grasp.
Spell: Lightning Resist
Drakes and Carfel drop
Amulet fire.png Diamond necklace Spell of Protection from Fire +20 Random drop
Amulet fireice.png Fire/Ice Amulet "a gold necklace with sparkling sapphires and diamonds along the length of the chain with a large blue sapphire in the middle."
Spell of Protection from Fire and Ice
Drops randomly from many creatures in all lands. Daisy & Lich Twins can drop this among others.
Amulet scorpion.png Neutralize Poison Necklace "You are looking at a silver chain with a silver and onyx scorpion"
Spell: Neutralize Poison x3
Random Drop. Common in Leng
Amulet hummingbird.png Hummingbird Amulet "a crystal hummingbird amulet hanging from a golden thread."
Spell of Protection from Stun and Death
Drops from the Troll King in UnderKingdom. Can be exchanged for a Hummer Sword from the ghost beneath the Troll King's throne room.
Brooch ds.png Dragon Brooch "an ivory brooch of seven intertwined dragons, cold to the touch."
Protection from Fear and Blind.
Drops from Vlad in Leng
Amulet poison.png Poison Protection Amulet "a small silver dagger amulet with an emerald blade hanging from a silver chain."
Spell of Protection from Poison
Drops from Overlord and Itsy in UnderKingdom
Amulet pink.png Elite Amulet "a chain of shimmering pink pearls, engraved: 'beshume p'olami t'm cr'crz u'ffor cbnsaneb ashcri'."
Protection from Stun & Death, HP Regen +2 once blessed.
Drops from Jack & Jill in Axe Glacier and server events.
Amulet poison.png Poison Regen Amulet "a venomous dripping ghoul fang dangling from a silver chain"
Spell of Protection from Poison, HP Regen +5, Stamina Regen +4
Drops from Fleshripper in Troll Temple area in Oakvael
Pendant jade.png Mana Regen Amulet a smooth jade pendant, on a heavy golden chain engraved throughout with runes and the emblem of the Yasnaki.
Mana Regen +15. Ties on pickup.
Obtain via Wizard and Thaumaturge quest chains. Wizard & Thaumaturge item only.
Torc.png Vlad's Torc "a twisted gold torc inscribed with glowing runes."
Protection from fire & ice, resistance from concussion. Ties on pickup.
Rare drop from Vlad in Leng

Thaum/Wiz Only

Scarf rat.png Wurm Scarf doesnt smell new... at all.
Spell of Protection Fire & Ice, HP Regen 4, Stam Regen 4
Drops from Dreadlord Ugrul in Undead Temple in UnderKingdom