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Lore[edit | edit source]

Leng was a strong bastion of the Brotherhood. The Inner circle of Leng had managed, many years ago, to gain control of the Government of Leng. The result of this control was that the Brotherhood could freely do business in Leng, without the need for the secrecy. Anyone who didn't agree with the government had a habit of mysteriously disappearing (and for some reason the Drake and the Dragon both seem to be slightly overweight. coincidence?)

A little known fact is that, after the botched attempt at summoning the Dragon in Kesmai, the few survivors of the Summoning that did manage to escape came to Leng. There they recovered from their wounds and started to try and piece together the remnants of Lore that they still remembered (having lost much of their information when the first dragon took over Kesmai.) The Brotherhood flourished here for many years after, and they again tried to summon a dragon, still intent on the destruction of the Grand Order of Thaums.

This second attempt was more successful in one regard. The Dragon that was summoned in Kesmai was one of the lesser dragons. This time, in Leng, they managed to summon a Great Dragon. Kosh appeared with the summons, and he too was not very pleased at having his rest disturbed by the brotherhood. This time, though, none of the brotherhood escaped the wrath of the Dragon, and Kosh had more than his fill of the brotherhood. After finishing off the Brotherhood, Kosh flew around and terrorized the countryside, until he found a cave High in the cliffs of Leng, where he settled down. He has been known to come out every so often, and people know to hide anytime he does appear.

The Puppet government that the brotherhood controlled was lost and confused for a time, and anarchy almost completely took hold. But finally an Autocrat, Vlad, stepped forward and seized the reigns of the government. He had been but an initiate of the Brotherhood at one time, and had been dismissed for his failures as a sorcerer. But he knew some of the lore, and this he shared with an inner circle of the government, in the hopes that someday HE would be the one to resurrect the Brotherhood. Vlad disappeared one night, and was never seen again, though it is rumored that he still rules the inner council from another location in Leng.

Due to the Strong presence of the Brotherhood, Thaums have a very hard time surviving, and as a result, they had to move the temple completely out of town to a remote location, and that temple still exists in the far northeast corner of the Leng Desert. And to this day, thaums are not very well trusted in the province of Leng, though they seem to be better tolerated than in the past. Leng town lies on the Western side of a great rift. In the town you will find many of the familiar shops, with the Wizards hut being Central in the town. The Wizard, nicknamed "Crazy", is probably one of the most renowned in the land, and it is he who trains the most Talented of Wizards.

Recent shifts in the sands caused a collapse in the fearsome drake's lair in Leng. Strangely, the damage was confined to a false floor which had been hiding a staircase for unknown ages. Descending these stairs will bring you into the subterranean area known as the drake caverns. The drake caverns house a portal to the Hell realm, wherein knights may enhance their mace after facing down a gauntlet of demons. Also within the caverns you may further descend into the forest dojo or to the arachnid nests. Following the path into the arachnid nests, you will encounter hordes of spiders and scorpions, which have taken up residence in these dark holes, but perseverance will eventually take you to the massive sunken desert.

The sunken desert is home to a sentient species of snake, who consider themselves to be the oldest race. Their twin kings Ouro and Boros have ruled for thousands of generations. There are whispers that each night, Boros will consume Ouro, take his name, and rebirth a new Boros with dark magic. If instead you seek out the Forest Dojo, you will encounter a society of monks, once the most pious and holy order, who have been corrupted by dark magic. This sorcery is the work of none other than Yportne, the Yasnaki enchantress, who has taken the will of the Sensei Rippotai and the others of his order and bent them to her dark machinations. Further below the temple, one will find the winding walkway. This hazardous walk is situated above a series of pits which contain monsters, to act as a sort of moat to protect the palace of Ser Lucius. Ser Lucius has long been in league with Yportne, and went into hiding long years ago after the people of Kesmai became suspicious of the disappearance of his wife.

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