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This page documents the valuables found in the game and their values when found in different areas. Min and Max Values are for specific gems actually seen in game.

Item Description Location Found Min Value Max Value Base Price
Gem topaz.png a small yellow gem. Kesmai Dungeon 111 125 110
Gem amethyst.png a beautifully cut amethyst. Kesmai Dungeon 327 471 400
Gem ruby.png a small crimson gem with visible flaws. Kesmai Dungeon 450 563 500
Gem sapphire.png a small blue sapphire. Kesmai Dungeon 523 650
Gem emerald.png a large green emerald. Kesmai Dungeon 490 665 600
Gem fieryruby.png a fiery ruby that smolders like the eye of a salamander. Kesmai salamanders 1,000
Gem ovalruby.png a gem in the shape of a dragoneye. Drops rarely from dragonsquires, dragonhunters and dragonslayers. 10,000 10,000 10,000
Egg griffin.png a large ochre egg mottled with dark brown spots. Drops rarely from griffins. 838 1,059
Rock gold.png a gold nugget. Axe Glacier 941 1,247 1,100
Gem uncutemerald.png a massive uncut emerald, as green as spring grass. Axe Glacier 826 1,103 1,000
Gem uncutdiamond.png a large uncut diamond. Axe Glacier 1,238 1,368 1,300
Gem bloodruby.png a round, blood-red ruby. Axe Glacier 1,797 1,500
Gem swallow.png a sparkling sapphire carved into the shape of a sparrow. Axe Glacier Giant's Tower 4,100
Gem amethyst.png a beautifully cut amethyst. Leng 944 1,183 1,000
Gem sapphire.png a small blue sapphire. Leng 755 831 800
Gem starsapphire.png a brilliant star sapphire. Leng 1,383 1,760
Gem swallow.png a sparkling sapphire carved into the shape of a sparrow. UnderKingdom 4,100
Horse.png an onyx figurine of a galloping horse. UnderKingdom 10,000
Lapislazuli.png a gigantic lapis lazuli stone.
UnderKingdom 62,560
Hematite.png a very large, beautifully-cut hematite gemstone.
UnderKingdom 47,933
Heartgem.png a beautiful heart-shaped tourmaline.
UnderKingdom UD Temple 91,823
RedRuby.png a mesmerizing, flawlessy-cut ruby. UnderKingdom UD Temple 117,391
XanMug.png a weather cement mug with a written message on the side 'have a big drink of STFU'. This drink will harden you up. UnderKingdom Xannodos, Harbinger of Death, Dreadlord Ugrul, The Necromancer 250,000
Tree.png a holiday tree made of dark malachite. UnderKingdom 6,000
a small, perfectly spherical hematite gem.
UnderKingdom 21,000
a small pearl.
UnderKingdom 13,000
a small, perfectly spherical rose pearl.
UnderKingdom 32,000
an extremely rare-looking ornamental shell. UnderKingdom Shits and Giggles 150,000
an ancient scroll containing rare martial arts techniques, you're too stupid to understand any of it. UnderKingdom Blood Twins 320,000
a blue gray stone flecked with bits of glowing metal. The stone is known as yttril, and appears to be enchanted with a strong magic. Used in the Dreadlord Ugrul Armor quest. Dreadlord Ugrul in UnderKingdom 65,000
Bowl of bananas and peanut butter. Maybe the King would be interested in this?. Bowl can be turned into Elvis in lower UnderKingdom town for an Immortal Shield Ring. Overlord in UnderKingdom N/A
You are looking at an undamaged bog thrasher eye, it feels strange to the touch. Bog.Thrashers in UnderKingdom 30,000
Bloodroot.png You are looking at an unassuming looking leafy vine known as Bloodroot. Dangerous by itself but can be woven into a powerful fabric when mixed with certain reagents. Rare drop in new Leng area. N/A
Sylia egg.png You are looking at a large rainbow egg from the corpse of Sylia. Dropped by Sylia in Annwn. N/A