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Engraving a figurine is a critical process for drastically decreasing the chance of a figurine breaking upon throwing it.
Figurines can be engraved in Axe Glacier by Intaglio who is located behind the Giant himself in the Giant's Castle.
To perform the engraving, place your figurine on his counter and type Int, engrave "nameyourfig"


Throwing a figurine at a hex in which a creature is standing on instead of the creature itself, will dramatically reduce chance of it breaking.
And, the higher your Shuriken skill is, the less chance of breaking due to lower chance of being blocked.
Item Description Location Found
A grey porcelain figurine of a skull. Mummy figurine. Events only. Drops from "Michael.Myers".
Contains Overlord figurine Only available from "Finding Rastus" event.
You are looking at a summoning instrument for help transfering gold to trainers. Engraved is the name 'Carrier'. Drops from Kujo the dog in Kesmai -4 secret area behind Oak portal.
Fig tiger.png
A gold and black figurine of a snarling tiger. Drops from Sheba the tiger, behind Giant lair in Axe Glacier or Shidosa in Leng
Fig griffin.png
Looks like a griffin, becomes a griffin when thrown. Great for tanking/stunning Drops from Mama in Axe Glacier
Ball darkness.png
A black ball, when thrown a Vlad figurine. Engraved with the name 'thrall'. Drops from Vlad in Leng
Phantom Figurine
A throwing hammer elaborately engraved with the shape of a Phantom. The base is marked 'X1'. Found on Jack and Jill in Axe
A red figurine of a flying dragon. Ultra rare - only drops from special server events
Fig tiger.png
You are looking at an amulet shaped like a scorpion. It seems to wiggle when you hold it. Engraved is the name 'scorpion.' Obtained from killing Ouros and or Bouros in Leng
Throw it, you bonehead! Drops randomly and very rarely in UK Bog and UK UD.
a bronze figurine of the Buddha. Martial Artist class only. Required for Crystalline Gauntlets 1 quest. Drops from Shidosha in Leng
Demon Fig.png You are looking at a small gem in the shape of a demon that seems to house a soul. It has an annoyed look carved into its face. Drops from Laplexia in Annwn. Requires level 23+ to be thrown.