FitZap Bag Upgrade

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  1. Talk to Fitzel in the town of Underkingdom, near the sewer entrance to the lightning caves (-80), who tells you to kill Drake and retrieve a bar gem.
  2. Once you kill Drake and have the gem, return to Fitzels brother, Zapzel, and turn in the gem.
  3. Zapzel will give you a power source and will send you to the main level of Oak Town to find Jace. Jace/Aster are located in a room southeast of Priest.
  4. Give Jace the power source. She will then send you to kill Swordmaster in UK.
  5. When you kill Swordmaster he will drop a cloth which you need to bring to Jace's sister Aster in Oak Town.
  6. After you turn in the cloth, head to the Troll Kings throne room in the UK.
  7. Once there, type "activate power source" in command line. You don't have to be more than 1 hex into TK's room.

- You will be encumbered if you were carrying coins to begin with. Simply drop the coins and exit the game. Come back and pickup the coins. Your encumbrance should be fixed.
- You can now carry up to 4b (billion) coins.