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Item Name Description Location Found
Halberd AC +2
Halberd Blue Glow, Adds +4, AC 4 Minotaur outside Leng Drake lair
Halberd knighthalberd.png Copper Halberd Lawful, Blue Glow, Adds +5, AC 6 Reward from starting Knight's 2nd Quest
Halberd knighthalberd.png Copper Halberd 2 Lawful, Blue Glow, Adds +7, AC 6 Reward from finishing Knight's 2nd Quest
Knighthalberd3.png Silver Halberd Lawful, Heavy Silver, Adds +8, AC 10
Two hand, slash, bash
Upgraded from Knights Quest in Vlad Tower
Naginata Blue Glow, Adds +8, AC 12 Drops from The Necromancer in the Undead Temple in UnderKingdom

and from Laplexia in Annwn