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Item Description Location Found
2h iron.png Adds +1 Can be aquired in most locations.
2h bbs.png Lawful, Blue Glow, Adds +5, AC 4 Ytrill and Iron ore to Ironbar east of Kesmai town using command, "Ironbar, sell broadsword".
2h bbs.png Lawful, Blue Glow, Adds +5, AC 5 Killing Blow on Kosh then hand BBS to Sorceress Althacrex at the end of gauntlet.
2h sga.png Lawful, Heavy Silver, Adds +5, AC 1 Bring Ytrill and Ore to Silvermoon through portal in Axe Town. Also known to drop from Troll.King in UnderKingdom.
Giant Sword.png Heavy Silver, Adds +8, AC Unknown, Low Slash + Blunt Damage. Ties on pickup. Rare drop from Dark Knights in Yasnaki level, Quest in link. Requires level 19+ to wield after Giant Sword quest.
Giant Sword.png Heavy Silver, Adds +10, AC 15, High Slash + Blunt Damage. Upgrade the finished Giant Sword via a quest then move on to the final Reforged Giant Sword quest. Begins with a Yasnaki seeking asylum in Leng town. Requires level 19+ to wield.
Golem Warhammer.png
Heavy Ancient Silver. Can hurt Mama, Adds +6, AC +6 Obtained by turning a Golem Rock in.
Giant Sword.png Heavy Silver, Blue Glow, Adds +10, AC 15, Extremely sharp. Acquire a Bloodroot from new Leng area and upgrade your Reforged Giant Sword from a NPC in Annwn. Infused Giant Sword requires level 21+ to wield.