Golem Weapons

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Golem Weapons[edit | edit source]

Certain weapons may be improved by trading in golem stones. Obtain a golem stone from killing the Golem (no easy feat) and trading in the stone at the bottom of the Leng Rift -200' where the old Oakvael Serpent Level portal was. Be careful as there are archers in the pond and a hidden foe awaits you in the portal room.

Drop the weapon and a golem stone and ask the NPC to teach.

Heavy Silver Returning Dagger - Trade a Golem Rock to the Thief NPC (Shad) for a heavy silver returning dagger capable of hurting Mama.

Golem WarHammer - Trade a Golem Rock into Knight NPC (Maxwell) to obtain Twohanded weapon capable of hurting Mama

Golem Threestaff - Trade a Golem Rock into NW NPC (Sam) to obtain the threestaff capable of hurting Mama