Helmets & Skulls

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Item Description Location Found
Skull ram.png Rather fragile. Stun +5 Common in many places
Skull tiger.png Fairly thick. Stun +7 Common in many places
Skull griffin.png Fairly thick, and enchanted. Stun +7, Night Vision Common in many places
Helm winged.png Stun +10 Common drop from bridge troll in Leng.
Helm winged.png "a steel helm set with animated, flapping white wings."
FF Winged Helmet. Feather Fall, Stun +10, Prot Fire/Ice +8
Very rare drop in Leng Griffin Cliff level
Skull dragon .png +5 Fire Prot, +7 Stun Prot Daisy in Kesmai
Skull dragon .png +10 Fire/Ice Prot, +10 stun Drake in Axe Glacier, Kosh in Leng
Skull dragon .png +15 Fire/Ice Prot, +11 Stun Prot, Nightvision Mama in Axe Glacier
Skull yeti.png Nightvision, +10 Fire/Ice Prot, +13 Stun Prot. Yeti in Axe Glacier
Helm winged.png Immortal. Night Vision, +20 Stun, +40 Conc Prot, 5 Fire/Ice Prot Xannodos in UnderKingdom
Skull ram.png Elite. Night Vision, +60 Conc Prot, +5 Stun Jack and Jill in Axe Glacier
Skull dragon .png You are looking at the horned skull of a powerful demon. It emanates a strange power. The strange power provides: Night Vision, Stun +20 Concussion +40, Prot Fire/Ice +10 Rare drop from Laplexia in Annwn. Requires level 19+ to equip.