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Item Description Location Found
Staff wooden.png an oak staff. AC +1 Found in various locations
Staff oaken.png Also an oak staff. AC +1 Found in various locations
Staff mystic.png a long, thin staff of solid black wood, covered with mystic runes. The combat adds are +1, AC 1 Found in various locations
Woodspear.png The spear is lightweight and could be used to block an attack. AC 1 Found in various locations
Rspear.png You are looking at a spear with a long tapering blade. The item is returning. +2 dmg +2 ac. Ties on pickup. Rare drop from Nightwing in Leng
Yportne Pine Staff-Transparent.png Contains spell of Fireball Common drop throughout UnderKingdom
Staff raisedeadcure.png Resurrection staff. Contains spell of Resurrection. AC 1. Contains 2 Charges. Drops from Kosh in Leng
Staff raisedeadcure.png Cure Staff. Spell: Cure, AC 1 Found in various locations. Leng Vlad.
Staff snake.png Staff that looks like a snake :) Casts snake at enemy. Various Locations
Staff minotaur.png Lawful Minotaur Power Staff is +3, AC +1.  "You are looking at a long, black iron rod with glowing red gems orbiting in a ring near the center.  The weapon is lawful." (chaotic version also exist unable to hold if character is not chaotic) Commonly found in Oak and Leng. Rarely in Kes -4.
Staff overlord.png An ebony staff encrusted with diamonds, radiating Speed and Weakness. This Staff swings at half speed but, cant block, and does next no damage. Drops from Wendy in Leng.
Lightning.png You are looking at a steel javeline shaped like a lightning bolt. Contains an extremely powerful spell of Lightning Bolt. The item has 8 charges. Found in various locations. Underkingdom Bog is a common location.
Staff overlord.png Original Overlord staff. AC +10. Requires level 14+ to wield. Ties on pickup. Drops from Overlord in UnderKingdom
Staff oaken.png A very heavy basic looking staff with traces of silver on the tips. The combat adds are +6, AC +10. Trade a Golem rock to Alissa in Leng.
Staff overlord.png Upgraded Overlord staff obtained from a quest after completing either the Wizard and Thaum questline. Staff will actually cause damage and is highly sought after for its ability to hunt with. Combat adds +4. AC 12. Requires level 14+ to wield. Final Stormhalter upgrade is completed in Kesmai.
Yportne Pine Staff-Transparent.png Supple Pine Staff. Weak attack. High blocking. Requires level 19+ to wield. Ties on pickup. Yportne - Leng