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Item Description Location Found
Staff wooden.png an oak staff. AC +1 Found in various locations
Staff oaken.png Also an oak staff. AC +1 Found in various locations
Staff mystic.png a long, thin staff of solid black wood, covered with mystic runes. The combat adds are +1, AC 1 Found in various locations
Woodspear.png The spear is lightweight and could be used to block an attack. AC 1 Found in various locations
Rspear.png You are looking at a spear with a long tapering blade. The item is returning. +2 dmg +2 ac. Ties on pickup. Rare drop from Nightwing in Leng
Yportne Pine Staff-Transparent.png Contains spell of Fireball Common drop throughout UnderKingdom
Staff raisedeadcure.png Resurrection staff. Contains spell of Resurrection. AC 1. Contains 2 Charges. Drops from Kosh in Leng
Staff raisedeadcure.png Cure Staff. Spell: Cure, AC 1 Found in various locations. Leng Vlad.
Staff snake.png Staff that looks like a snake :) Casts snake at enemy. Various Locations
Staff minotaur.png Lawful Minotaur Power Staff is +3, AC +1.  "You are looking at a long, black iron rod with glowing red gems orbiting in a ring near the center.  The weapon is lawful." (chaotic version also exist unable to hold if character is not chaotic) Commonly found in Oak and Leng. Rarely in Kes -4.
Staff overlord.png An ebony staff encrusted with diamonds, radiating Speed and Weakness. This Staff swings at half speed but, cant block, and does next no damage. Requires level +14 to wield Drops from Wendy in Leng.
Lightning.png You are looking at a steel javeline shaped like a lightning bolt. Contains an extremely powerful spell of Lightning Bolt. The item has 8 charges. Found in various locations. Underkingdom Bog is a common location.
Staff overlord.png Original Overlord staff. AC +10. Requires level 14+ to wield. Ties on pickup. Drops from Overlord in UnderKingdom
Staff oaken.png A very heavy basic looking staff with traces of silver on the tips. The combat adds are +6, AC +10. Trade a Golem rock to Alissa in Leng.
Staff overlord.png Upgraded Overlord staff obtained from a quest after completing either the Wizard and Thaum questline. Staff will actually cause damage and is highly sought after for its ability to hunt with. Combat adds +4. AC 12. Requires level 14+ to wield. Final Stormhalter upgrade is completed in Kesmai.
Yportne Pine Staff-Transparent.png Supple Pine Staff. Weak attack. High blocking. Requires level 19+ to wield. Ties on pickup. Yportne - Leng